Posted on May 12, 2020

Junior Community Manager (North America) - Gaming

Customer Support Toronto Full-time Remote

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about video game communities, online discourse and gaming itself. You need to be able to navigate through a multicultural community that is growing fast, and be able to inform, charm, moderate and defuse issues when they happen.

Managing game communities is an art, and you will play a key role in the growth of SkyWeaver’s communities over several platforms. You will need to be professional yet friendly, accessible, laidback at times, while remaining firm and relevant. People need to see you as an authority in the game and in relation to all things SkyWeaver.

You will need to be informed, fair, and vigilant as you help build a vibrant, welcoming community in which anyone should be able to join and feel comfortable to play their part as they see fit. Players, press, content creators, colleagues and the eventual troll will be your companions.

We want to train and elevate you professionally, teaching you the skills you will need to be successful in the gaming industry while you perform your duties.


  • Help manage our Discord, Reddit, Twitch and YouTube communities;
  • Solve problems and disputes when possible, informing the team about early signs of issues in the game, and make sure our communities are well-kept, clean and inviting;
  • Work alongside the Senior Community Manager to be the bridge between SkyWeaver’s community and the rest of our team.


  • Being a Gamer (being knowledgeable about TCGs/CCGs is a plus);
  • Outstanding social and communication skills;
  • Feeling comfortable in front of a camera, crowds and in close contact with fans during events;
  • Having a mind for content creation;
  • Knowledgeable with Social Media, Streaming Platforms and their surrounding software/apps;
  • Having a level head and tough skin, since online communities can be demanding;
  • Additional language besides English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Chinese (Mandarin) is a heavy plus.
  • Live within the North American time zone.

We are committed to diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, genders and faiths. While we want to build a great game, we also want to build a wonderful team and culture. We’re attracting talented people from all areas, so that brilliance and diversity shine through in everything we do.

If this excites you, please apply. We’d love to hear from you.